Paver Decks

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Paver Decks

Paver decks are large areas of flat space paved with concrete pavers.

Image of Bricks used for a patio deck.


Preparation for your paver deck.

Depending on if you already have an older concrete patio that you would like us to go right over or if it is dirt we will have to do some preparation. Preparing the area for your new paver deck could include digging the area out and putting down a layer of gravel that we will compact very well. Next is a layer of sand that is screeded over and next your pavers are laid. The last step is to apply the polymeric sand. ( Polymeric Sand ) is a product that combines sand with a polymer binding agent and possibly portland cement depending on the type. This helps to keep the sand from washing out of the joints and keep weeds to a minimum. We can help you with designing your paver deck.

Can I have my paver deck designed by a professional?

Paver Deck Designs

Designing-Paver-Decks-Nashville-TN, available in Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

Estimates are free where we measure and give you pricing and options in different pavers. A paver deck design is where we will put your space into a 3d graphic design program, assign you a web page and make changes until we have a completed space. You can see examples of that here – > Patio Designs in the Nashville area.

How do pavers come to my home?

Pavers for Paver Decks arrive on pallets at your home ready to be installed.

Pavers-for-paver-decks, available in Fr, available in Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN. anklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

What is a stone paver?

Many people say a paver deck is paved with stone pavers but stone and concrete pavers are two different things. Concrete pavers are made in many shapes and textures that look like stone or brickĀ  which leads to the term brick paver or stone paver ( The good news is we have both ). So lets start with the simple term paver which would be virtually any small hard item that you can make a surface out of. A paver deck is basically a paver patio and in the world of pavers there are a multitude of shapes, thicknesses, colors, and textures to choose from. Our company Quigley’s Landscaping and Hardscapes has made hundreds of paver decks so when we visit your home options in the form of different brochures are presented to see what style appeals to you. There are borders made of pavers available.

Paver Deck Borders

The image below shows how a paver deck border looks.

Nashville-Paver-Deck-Patterns, available in Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

Paver Deck Additions

Since pavers come in neutral natural colors they tend to match up and compliment just about any other surface which makes additions really common. Why live with a patio that doesn’t have enough space when you can make more useful space with a paver deck additon?

Image below of a paver deck addition.

Paver-Deck-Additions-Nashville-TN, available in Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

We are glad you stopped by today to see our paver deck page and want you to know we are available for an estimate. We service the areas of Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

What we want you to do now.

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